Cucking Kyler

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Cucking Kyler

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Added: February 23, 2024 | Video Length: 23:06 Minutes | Photos: 13 Photos


Barron loves himself some bi action. Whether he's pounding a guy or a girl, he's driving that big dick of his in hard and deep. Getting Kyler and Barron into a bi threeway with Nikki makes perfect sense, really - Kyler takes to getting ordered around by both a guy and girl at the same time like a total natural, and having two people ready and eager to get pounded by him is just what Barron needs!

Barron also needs to show off his dominant side now and then, and Kyler also needs to show off his submissive side now and then - and both guys get just what they need here. Kyler's going through sensory overload when on his back, legs in the air, Nikki straddling his body and stroking his dick while Barron's own big cock thrusts in and out of his hole. The noises escaping his mouth and the look on his face say it all, as he can barely handle how amazing it all feels and what it's like for his dick and his ass to get that kind of treatment at the same time!

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