Dylan & Kara Drain Rocky

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Dylan & Kara Drain Rocky

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Added: September 22, 2023 | Video Length: 18:17 Minutes | Photos: 16 Photos


Bi threeways like this are a perfect opportunity to bask in just how brilliant Rocky is when it comes to sex of any kind - whether topping or bottoming, with guys or girls, in a duo or threeway, he is amazing at what he does. He's just so horny with such an incredible sex drive, loves doing it all, and has that big dick that blasts out enormous loads. He's literally built for sex!

Rocky doesn't just have the physical equipment and stamina, though - he's so good at taking charge of the guys in bi threeways like this. He knows how to tease the other guy just right and drive them wild as they see him pound the girl to the point where they desperately need his dick in them as well!

Desperately needing Rocky's dick in him is precisely where Dylan finds himself here - after seeing Rocky pound away and getting to taste Rocky's cock early on, Dylan just needs to sit down on it and feel Rocky inside him.

No doubt having Kara right there, urging the guys on and getting them each worked up helped. Kara makes no secret of her loving seeing two guys in action, and her enthusiasm for it and how obviously it all turns her on gets the guys even more horny and worked up as a result.

Hopefully Dylan knew what he was getting himself in to once he asked Rocky to fuck him, though, because once you get Rocky started there is no stopping him. From that point forward Rocky's going to pound away relentlessly, making Dylan blast out his load as Rocky fucks him. Rocky's not done with Dylan yet, though! He wants Dylan to get a front row seat as he fucks Kara some more, then wants to feed Dylan his load!

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